Rare fish worth millions caught by Keti Bandar fishermen

Fishermen in Sindh’s Keti Bandar experienced good fortune as they hauled in rare fish valued at millions on Wednesday.

The fishermen netted over 300 croaker fish, known locally as Sowa, in Kajar Creek, much to their delight.

A representative from the Pakistan FisherFolk Forum noted that these uncommon fish commanded prices in the millions.

This event marked the second time in a week that fishermen reeled in such lucrative catches of rare fish, promising substantial financial gains, the official noted.

On March 14, a Karachi fisherman caught the elusive sowa fish.

Hanif Katiyar, from the seaside hamlet of Kharo Chan, along with his team, managed to catch more than 300 of these scarce Sowa fish.

It’s important to note that these rare fish are purchased by export processing companies from the local fishermen for global distribution.

Marine life specialists say that Sowa fish approach the coastal areas near Jiwani and surrounding waters during the summer to spawn.


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