Maryam Nawaz apologises to Police inspector who was mistreated by PML-N MPA

LAHORE – Just a day after PML-N MPA from Punjab Malik Waheed misbehaved with a Lahore policeman by forcing him to apologise on-camera, CM Punjab Mariam Nawaz summoned the police inspector in question to her office to understand what exactly happened and apologised in her capacity as Chief Minister for what happened to him.

In the video CM Maryam Nawaz compliments the young police officer for doing his duty and not to let the incident dishearten him. “Never apologise for doing your job”, she said.

“I am sorry this happened to you. No one is above the law”, she added.

Watch the video here:

A viral video surfaced on social media yesterday that captured a the PML-N provincial lawmaker intimidating a Lahore policeman into apologizing for stopping his vehicle has sparked outrage and raised concerns about misuse of power and political influence.

The footage depicts MPA Malik Waheed berating and pressuring officials from the Baghbanpura police station after his vehicle was halted for inspection due to tinted windows, which violate traffic regulations.

Despite the legitimate reason for the stop, Malik Waheed vehemently demanded an apology from the police personnel, threatening repercussions if his demands were not met.

“I will not leave until you apologize to me. Excuse and apologize to me, or it will not be good for you,” Waheed is heard asserting in the video, showcasing his blatant disregard for the law and the authority of the police.

As per CM Nawaz the MPA in question had been issued a show cause notice as well.


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