Absence of girl guides in Balochistan

The girls guide culture first started in 1910 presided by Miss Agnes. Meanwhile today, 113 countries have adopted this actuation. Likely, the girls guide in Pakistan began in 1947 under Fatma Ali Jinnah. Pakistan Girl Guides Association aims to train girls in such a way that they can be a useful benefactor of their country: take care of the feelings and emotions of others, serve the people without any discrimination on the basis of race, creed and religion.

A girl guide is trained in civil defense, nursing and emergency response. Undoubtedly, this plays an integral role in girls empowerment and they are very important for a community, not only for personal but also social defence. Unfortunately in Balochistan , there is a lack of girl guides,both in urban and rural areas.Perhaps,lack of facilities is one reason as there is no training centre in the rest of Balochistan except Quetta. Consequently, most girls in Balochistan cannot afford to travel or cover a long distance from their land to Quetta. Moreover, it is the conservatism in Baloch families that does not allow girls to join scouting. And heartrendingly, one cannot find a single girls scout who can independently defend herself or the nearby girls in any incidental conditions.

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So I, keeping in mind the serious accidents that grew dangerous due to inactive response and lack of girls scouts, highly demand and urge the Pakistan Girl Guide Association to fulfill its aim and establish scouting courses in the areas of Balochistan. Additionally, the nationals should be provided with essential facilities of scouting and it should spread awareness campaigns in the Baloch community to awaken them about the importance of girl guides in any society so that more of them can emerge in scouting.



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