Overcharging of fares in the public transport

I want to enlighten public opinion against the malpractices of the transporters of our province. Most of the transporters are greedy and selfish by nature. They try to maximize their profit by unlawful methods. The increasing rate of petrol has provided them a pretext to fleece the people. Due to overpopulation, the number of passengers is increasing. Also, there is a need for new buses and transport companies in cities. They exploit the situation and overload their buses. This makes every passenger very uncomfortable. There are proper unions of transporters and if any of them obey government rules and charge fair fares, they threaten them too.

They do not receive the fare fixed by the government. If any passenger protests against it, he is not allowed to travel and they have to suffer a lot financially. Also, overloading is also one of the major causes of accidents.

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In order to eradicate this social issue, I want to give following suggestions:

o Media should raise its voice against this malpractice.

o The defaulter should be heavily fined and sent to jail.

o There should be proper check and balance at bus stations to ensure comfort of passengers.

o Display of fare list at stations and in bus should be ensured.

o Special taskforce/helpline to cope with this problem should be introduced by the local government.

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o Like intra-city government transport service, the government should also introduce transport service inter-cities.


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