Khairabad, a neglected village

Khairabad is a small town situated in Tehsil Tump and it surrounds several houses along and is very poplulous. The village is suffering at so many levels. From educational crisis, health issues  to poorly constructed roads, so on and so forth. There is only one secondary school across Khairabad, that too lacking basic facilities including classrooms, boards, and chairs. Moreover, the school fails to have a library, which is essential for students to study and broaden their horizons.

Besides this, the heath conditions are worsening day by day. There is only one hospital in the village which fails to have basic facilities. There is always a shortage of medicines,beds, and competent staff.

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Apart from this, poorly constructed roads are major problems for travelling. The roads were once built during Zubaida Jalal’s regime, but were never repaired again.

They are very serious problems which need attention. I urge the high authorities to ensure attention on the issues of Khairabad.

Abdul Rahman Shahbeer


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