Not a good time to talk about improving relations with India: Imran

Addressing the Pakistan-Saudi Investment Forum in Riyadh, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday acknowledged the significance of improving ties with India, but sarcastically commented that after what happened in the T20 World Cup, a day earlier, it would not be ‘a good time” to think about this.

The PM went on to state that “We have excellent relations with China, but if somehow we improve our relationship with India — I know after last night’s thrashing by the Pakistan team in the cricket match, it’s not a very good time to talk about improving relations with India.”

PM Imran went on to say that Indian-occupied Kashmir is the only major issue between the two countries.

“It’s all about human rights and the rights of the people of Kashmir for self-determination as guaranteed by the United Nations Security Council 72 years ago.

“If that right is given to them, we have no other problems. The two countries can live as civilised neighbours […] just imagine the potential”, he added.

While highlighting Pakistan’s strategic location, the PM said that Saudi businessmen could benefit from what the country has to offer.

He mentioned the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project and the Central Business District project and called for investors to invest in them.

He also mentioned another project along the River Indus with 300,000 acres of fertile land. He said that water was available, but a canal was required to water the land. “All we need is energy to lift that water in a canal and this whole area becomes cultivable.”

He said that the project had immense opportunities for both the countries.

PM Imran while concluding his speech said that he wanted relations between the two countries to go to another level. “A level that will benefit both the countries.

“The advantages that Pakistan has are different to the advantages Saudi Arabia has. Therefore, if we come together, it will mutually benefit both the countries.”

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