Cruelty against women 

It hurts me a lot to mention that Balochistan is the only province where girls are suffering a harsh life because cruelty on women is increasing day by day. They are surviving a fearful and painful life in order not be chased by the cruel men of our society. They have left their school owing to our monstrous society. Their vitality is snatched so that they can’t raise their voice. But unfortunately yet our men are unaware of the dignity of women.

Most importantly, they are told some statement by their own surrounding that hurts a lot don’t wear such clothes because they are thick, laugh less because you are a women and sit property so that no one should blame you. What’s this? Don’t women have the rights to live the world in their own ways? Why so much cruelty on women? If they are just born to do the home chores, then kill them the time, then give birth in this cruel world – what kind of life is that?

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It is hard to say that I belong to a society where women are deprived of their rights and where they are just considered workers who manage the work.

Therefore, I urge the Government to give their due rights and request to male to please treat them well so that their fear should be finished.

Rizwana Riaz Ahmed 


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