Roadside begging 

This refers to the beggar’s mafia in the city. They are teasing the passer-by people. Their place of begging is a petrol pump, the gate of the shopping malls, and the entrance place of the religious gates and parking areas. They have an eye on the person when they come to such places. As it is a practice that when they stand at the petrol pump for inserting petrol into their cars. The petrol purchaser gives money.  They are surrounding the person who is paying the money to the petrol boy. They are targeting the person who is paying money from his wallet. They don’t see that he is with his family or any person who is special to him. Beggars are compelling him to pay him money by all means. Beggars are demanding amounts that they want. But when we refuse then they curse us. They say that you are with wealth and riches. Why you are not giving us money. They bargain and pass the comments. Their attitude is unusual and causes a misdemeanor. So the government must take action against them.

This has also been observed that they are professional beggars. They are not needy. They have become habitual of begging. Though they are fit in health. If they do any work other than begging it could be better for them.  Due to them, the needy person is suffering. It is therefore requested to the district administration look after the professional beggars who are exploiting the people.   As it is law in the other developed countries like Saudi, Japan, and Arab countries that begging is a ban. The police and city administration take strict vigilance. They arrest the beggars sitting in crowded places. So these countries take the responsibility to give security to the person. They see the needy person and pay the monthly remuneration from the treasure. Like them, our country must give monetary help to needy people and take in apprehension to the beggar mafia.

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Mujeeb Ali Samo


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