Witch doctors and crooks

Yesterday, my friend told me a strange incident . He told me that his mother went to a lady for black magic removal. The friend further tell me that his mother went to that lady and ask lady to remove black magic on her . The lady firstly asked information about my friend’s mother and then tell a little common things about her . After this The lady demanded 5k for the removal of magic and also gave a list of grocery and also told her that he further take 30k for this process. The lady used the name of our beloved Imam Hussain. The lady gave a list of grocery which includes fruits , meat , chicken, wheat , rice , biscuits etc which are not essential for the removal of magic. That lady was a fraud . And think it was totally wrong. Through this letter I want to draw the attention of our society to beware of this and please don’t waste your money in frauds like this .


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