Jemima criticises Maryam for targeting her children

LONDON: Jemima Goldsmith, British film producer and former spouse of Prime Minister Imran Khan, lamented the deployment of anti-Semitic slurs by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz vice president Maryam Nawaz to target the Jewish lineage of her children.

Nawaz, while addressing a rally of charged supporters and activists of her party in Kashmir over the weekend, hit back at Khan who while suggesting the game of polo was reserved for the wealthy questioned the source of income of her son — an active polo player in the United Kingdom.

“He [Junaid Safdar] is Nawaz Sharif’s grandson, not [James] Goldsmith’s […] He is not being raised in the lap of Jews,” she had declared. Passed away in 1997, James Goldsmith, Jemima’s father, was a wealthy businessman.

“I left Pakistan in 2004 after a decade of antisemitic attacks by the media [and] politicians (& weekly death threats & protests outside my house). But still, it continues,” regretted Goldsmith (nee Khan).

Her tweet generated both support and condemnation from Twitterverse across the political spectrum who deplored Nawaz’s selection of words to target her political rival.

“This is frankly pathetic. I am sorry you have to go through this,” wrote Meraj Hasan.

Academic Ammar Ali Jan observed the “attacks against you and your kids were extremely disgraceful”.

“People of Pakistan have nothing but respect for your family. Hope this pushback will be a lesson to those who continue to use bigotry against political opponents,” he wrote.


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