Man slaughters woman, two children in Abbottabad

ABBOTTABAD: A man brutally slaughtered a woman and her two children in Abbottabad on Sunday, over an unknown reason.

As per police, the dreadful incident occurred in Abbottabad’s Sergharbi area, where a man, who is said to be the neighbour of the deceased family, slaughtered a woman and her two children with a sharp dagger.

The police said that the accused fled the scene after the killings, while raids are underway by to arrest the culprit.

Meanwhile, the bodies have been shifted to the hospital, while their identification has not been disclosed yet.

In a separate incident of the same in nature, a woman in Karachi allegedly killed her husband, as it divulged, with the help of her declared male friend in the Korangi district.

After recovery of the blood-ridden, rope-tied and blanket-shrouded body of her husband, whose throat was slit, from under her bed, following house help’s statement to the police, the suspect wife had told police that her male friend murdered him.

The murder took place at around 11 am in the morning on Saturday where the woman, with her friend, killed the husband while their three minor kids witnessed the ghastly event.

My friend Soni killed him, the wife had told the police. “He told me to hide the body at your place somewhere for now and later I would dispose of it,” she admitted in her police statement.


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