PM asks people to promote ‘Pakistaniat’ for positive image of country

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that if the people wish to promote a soft image of Pakistan across the globe, then they should advocate “Pakistaniat“.

Addressing the prize distribution ceremony of the National Amateur Short Film Festival (NASFF) in Islamabad, the premier said, “During the war on terror, Pakistanis were termed as extremists. To counter this, they were asked to promote a soft image of Pakistan.”

The premier said a positive image of a country can only be promoted through ownership. “If we want to project a soft image of Pakistan, then we need to promote [the country’s true identity].”

The premier said the countrymen thought that if they wore Western clothes and spoke English, it would project a soft image. “During this time I was termed as Taliban Khan.”

Speaking English and wearing Western clothes does not project a soft image, it only speaks of an inferiority complex, he said, adding: “A soft image is projected through self-reliance […] so first respect yourself and the world will respect you in turn.”

PM urges filmmakers to focus on original content: 

The PM urged Pakistani filmmakers to focus on original content and adopt new approaches in filmmaking.

He added that Pakistani cinema had evolved over time but mistakes were committed at the beginning since the Pakistani film industry was “impressed” by Bollywood which resulted in copying and adopting another culture.

“So the most important thing I want to say to young filmmakers is that according to my experience of the world, only originality sells — the copy has no value,” the prime minister said.

“I want originality in our film industry and for it to bring a new way of thinking,” he said, adding that he had pointed to the lack of original content when he became prime minister and how much the Pakistani film industry was influenced by Hollywood and Bollywood.

“I requested the Turkish president at the time and brought the serial ‘Ertugrul’ to Pakistan. That has an alternate culture but it is popular and people see it,” he pointed out.

He praised the efforts of Pakistani filmmakers to promote the country’s culture and said they had set out on a “fantastic path”. The premier pointed out that filmmakers had a great opportunity to show those aspects of Pakistan which were unknown to the world.

“So my [advice] to young filmmakers is to bring your own original thinking and don’t fear failure. It is my life’s experience that the one who is afraid of defeat can never win.

Pakistan’s perception needs improvement: ISPR DG 

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar also addressed the event and said that work on improving Pakistan’s perception was necessary.

He said the NASFF was a small part of that effort and asked: “Why should we not give youth the responsibility of showing the real Pakistan?”

A very positive response had been received from educational institutions, said the ISPR chief, adding that hundreds of short films had been received.

He said the first 15 winners would be sent on a scholarship to the University of California for a one-year training course on advanced filmmaking.


  1. Pakistan is a Pariah state with no culture, everything it has is indian subcontinent with overtones of fanatic islamization which wants to desist itself from its very origin.
    All of Pakistanis are converts

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