Water dispute among provinces 

Water shortages in Pakistan are not a new thing, but our politicians exploit this issue for personal gains and popularity. The solution to the water and power shortfall in the country was to build dams. Unfortunately, instead of going for this solution, which would provide water for irrigation and cheap electricity, our politicians opposed the most feasible dam project namely the Karabagh dam. Politicians from KPK and Sindh twisted facts to make the KBD project controversial. This was the biggest disloyalty to the country. Resultantly, we face shortages in dry months and severe flooding in the monsoons. The same politicians who always prevented and sabotaged the KBD and other dam projects fight over water distribution, again unnecessarily politicizing the issue. It is ironic that those who created roadblocks in the way of constructing dams accuse each other of not letting their province have its share of water. Yet again, every province is accusing others of stealing their share of water. The reality is that our politicians failed to discharge their duties in terms of building dams. They instead opposed the projects and now are fighting over something that simply does not exist. They must understand that while each province is given its share under the agreement by all provinces in 1992, there is not enough to meet the demand. Therefore, every province suffers in terms of getting water. Unfortunately, the politicians are still not understanding the gravity of the issue and busy with allegations and counter-allegations creating a divide among provinces. They must realize that until they all forge unity and support the construction of dams we will be facing even worst water shortages. It is about time they shun their petty politics and work for the country.

Raja Shafatullah 

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