Open libraries with SOPs

All public libraries of Pakistan were forced to close to slow down the pandemic in March this year. Slowly and gradually government lifts lockdown restriction many sectors across the country except public libraries. Many aspirants, researchers and students are facing unprecedented challenges due to closure of libraries. Some aspirants have competitive examination in this year and they have already lost enough time for study owing to closure of public libraries.

In corona virus, knowledge plays vital role in making vaccines and solving social issues. Researchers always depend on libraries for reliable source of knowledge. They collect reliable information from libraries and compile their research. As libraries have been closed, researchers face serious threat in Pakistan due to inaccessibility of authentic information.

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As we face economic turmoil and devastation, public libraries can play key role to recovery of the country. It is a place of knowledge and wisdom where knowledge is transferred to masses. It is a place there all competitive and knowledge seekers persons come to seek knowledge. They all are well aware how to deal with pandemic and strictly followed SOPs. It is great lost of society whenever public libraries are closed. Government has opened all shopping malls, restaurants and markets for five days in a week and it has made agreement with business men that they would strictly follow SOPs. But in consequences they have failed to enforce SOPs. The Large number of people comes in markets and most of them do not wear masks. on the other hand, if government makes some agreement with Liberians and it opens libraries, it will be quite different because those who join the libraries are well educated men they will be stick to guidelines of government. Government must invest in economy of the minds rather than growth of economy by opening shopping malls and markets. That nation will survive who invest in the mind. Therefore government must open public libraries through SOPs and it must not allow children and old men to library because they are vulnerable to pandemic. Corona virus has no time frame how long it remains in public but country cannot afford to close long enough libraries. If it is closed long enough it will be huge lost of the future generation.

Rasheed Mangrio


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