Covid-19 Pandemic: A joke to the world

Covid-19 Pandemic has become a rapidly increasing threat around the globe today. More than 3 Million People are affected by this disease and more than 200,000 people died of it. Almost entire world took the step of initiating a nationwide lock down in order to combat this pandemic. The lock downs also affected sectors like business, education and economy in a very big way, but the people seem to not understand how dangerous this situation is and all they want is that the government opens everything despite what’s going on or what happened.
People around the world are taking this threat as a joke and believe it cannot affect us, so just open up everything so we can continue living the way we used to. They are also not taking the lock down in their country seriously, they come out of their house and walk around like it’s nothing, the traders and the shopkeepers are also rioting over the lock down and threatening to open up their business despite what the government has to say about the current situation. Even the government itself looks like it doesn’t care about the situation; they are taking a ridiculous action of easing the restrictions to save their economy. Is the economy much more important than the lives we are losing every day? They cannot even wait till it blows over, they think that the people need us and they need our products. When a person is terrified of covid-19 and its effects then how is he going to think about getting out?
The problem is that the people are not even aware of what’s happening in this world and how much more deadly this could get if the restrictions are not in affect. Already the number of the affected and the deceased is rising and people don’t seem to understand. They should be terrified of what can happen next if they just ease everything in this darkest hour. These businessmen, traders and others should hope this pandemic come to an end soon, they should think about what these restrictions were made for. They should keep faith in themselves and the others and protect the others and themselves.
Zuhaib Shah

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