Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Pakistan

This country was created by MAJ to be a modern democratic welfare state. Today we are neither a welfare state that Quaid wanted, nor a security state, but a country in utter confusion.
Instead of pursing vision laid down by Founding Fathers, we have been dilly dallying in an endless debate of presidential or parliamentary democracy. The hard truth is that it was under a so-called Presidential System imposed by likes of Iskandar Mirza and Ayub Khan, that Pakistan without any parliamentary debate, got itself embroiled in a proxy war, by offering Badaber Base for reconnaissance flights over Soviet Union ostensibly being part of CENTO, although neither Iran, nor Turkey were willing to do likewise.
It was again under Presidential system that Pakistan chose to disregard China’s advice to liberate IOK in 1962, although MAJ had termed it our jugular vein, because all our rivers originated from there.
Pakistan suffered humiliation of defeat, surrender and dismemberment in 1971 under Presidential system of Yahya Khan. Finally, after a series of failures, it was a civil government which gave this country 1973 Constitution, which was based on parliamentary democracy. Given our limitations to match India in conventional war, prompted this civil government, with help of parliament to hold historic Islamic Conference in Lahore. Immediately after this, the parliamentary democratic government decided to lay foundations for building Defensive Nuclear Deterrence, inspite of opposition by major super powers.
The democratically elected government was removed by military dictator, who CIA Director Casey allegedly claimed to be on their payroll. A presidential system was again imposed, and 1973 Constitution effectively suspended and Pakistan got itself involved in Afghan proxy war. We continue to suffer consequences
What more will it take for us to realize that we must follow MAJ’s vision?
Malik T Ali

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