Tiktok Addiction

Tiktok has slowly become the requirement of every teen. The addiction of tiktok among youth has created a lot of tension among their parents. Constant use of this application has become a pain more than enjoyment for people.
Tiktok is seen to be a time-waster. People unnecessarily spend a lot of time in creating music videos. The time they put in creating these videos when invested in learning any new skill or knowledge can prove to be a lot more beneficial to them in the future.
Some people use this application to make fun of people, community or religion. Recently there has been released a music video where people have made a prayer video with hilarious dance that makes fun of Islam religion. Whether teens do it for a genuine career or fun, this app comes with risky consequences. In place of playing sports, focusing on their life, or prioritizing their study and career in their golden years, they are addicted to this meaningless app.
Mamoona Ghaffar

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