Lahore admin warns of curfew as Covid-19 cases rise

LAHORE: A curfew could be imposed in Lahore within days unless people follow the guidelines on social gatherings, the district administration has said.

“If the situation worsens, the district administration has many options [including] imposing a curfew,” Lahore Commissioner Capt (r) Muhammad Usman Younis told the reporters during a press conference. He was flanked by the deputy commissioner, Lahore police chief, and military officials.

Younis announced that a notification announcing the closure of markets at 6:00 pm has already been issued. He said joint teams of civilian administration and army troops will hold a flag march in the city to ensure the restrictions are being followed in letter and spirit.

He further said coronavirus cases were increasing in Lahore on a daily basis, adding that the healthcare system was under immense pressure. He also appealed to the people to follow the guidelines strictly.

“Everything is possible with the cooperation of the people. Coronavirus can only be controlled by implementing SOPs,” Younis said.

The commissioner said 50 per cent attendance of staff in offices will be allowed and said businesses found violating the order will face legal action.

He also said dine-in services, both indoor and outdoor, have been suspended and eateries also would not be allowed to allow customers to eat inside their parked vehicles.

Personnel from law enforcement departments will hold a flag march in the city after 4:00 pm on a daily basis.

Younis further said intercity transport services will remain suspended until further orders. He said traffic in areas where micro smart restrictions are imposed will be brought to zero.

“Anyone who [is found] not wearing a mask will go to the prison,” said Lahore police chief, adding that those who say “there is no coronavirus” would also be thrown behind bars.


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