Fashion revolution in Pakistan

I want to draw your attention towards fashion revolution in pakistan. In Pakistan, fashion has a profound impact on social, cultural and political factors. Let me take you back on history where fashion actually started. Before seperation of Pakistan,ghagra and lucknow kurta pajama suit continued from 1947-1960. Leading roles like Quaid-e-Azam and Fatima jinah used it as a matter of proud.

In late 60’s; after years of seperation, London and American culture popped up in Pakistan. In 80’s era, political stability provides codes with aimed to cover all body like kurta, Shalwar and dupatta.

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During 90-2000, because of tv commercials and movies the period was again stormed with Indian style which include chunri, saris and maxis. And 2000, was all about stylish Indian-American outfits. With passage of time, Pakistan adopt many fashions. Still, you can see the reflection of ethnicity of Pakistan culture in every era until now.

Yameena Javed


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