PM and his advisors

The prime minister is naive and so are his bunch of advisors and ministers . This is costing the country very dearly in all respects and in almost three years of its installation , the government has failed to check the continuous decline of the economy which has nosedived . As if the wreckage of power sector and its gross mismanagement was not enough , the prime minister has entrusted an additional charge of Petroleum division to Tabish Gauhar , the advisor on Power . The appointment of a young inexperienced person on the important subject of Power is beyond comprehension , with the result that the affairs of the power sector are becoming more and more complicated with passage of time instead of being sorted out . A mere foreign degree does not help you to become an expert or an effective advisor at the national level . Nor the qualifications of being an ex- MD of Kesc and chairperson of a consultancy company should merit to elevate a person to advise the government on a very important matter such as Power , the back bone of national development and progress . With this background , one should not be surprised to see the whole national power sector in shambles . The pity is that there are no signs of any improvement with no light at the end of the tunnel . The notorious circular debt is continously swelling . There is inefficiency and incompetance all over in all tiers of the power ministry and its subordinate organisations . The minister of power knows every thing except the subject of Power . If the prime minister does not know everything , he is supposed to select a team of good , well experienced and mature advisors and ministers for the good of the country.
Engineer Riaz Bhutta

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