Third wave

We are now in the third wave of the deadly Coronavirus, which appears to be more contagious and deadly than the first two waves. Unfortunately, people are also experiencing Corona fatigue and becoming careless in observing social distancing and other precautionary measures. Similarly, the government also seems hesitant in taking strict measures blaming it all on people that they are not following the SOPs.
The reality is that fighting such a deadly pandemic is a collective responsibility where everyone must do their part. It is understandable that fatigue and stress sets in after a prolonged threatening event making people careless or indifferent to the threat. However, we must realize that until people are vaccinated, the only defense against this life-threatening virus is taking necessary precautions. By not observing the SOPs we are not only risking our lives but those of our loved ones and others. Therefore, it is high time that we show some patience and seriously observe distancing measures. We must avoid unnecessary social events and diligently follow the SOPs. Our leaders should set an example of good behavior in this regard. They must postpone their social and political activities for the time being and ensure that they observe SOPs. The recent pictures of the PM holding a meeting during isolation or politicians holding rallies or press conferences do not send a good message across. Finally, the government should do its part and stop blaming everyone else.
They did not do anything about procuring vaccines in time and that is hounding us now. It is a “now or never” type of situation so the government should take urgent and necessary measures to procure and administer vaccines to the masses. It must stop this mantra of smart lookdowns as that clearly is not working. A complete lockdown for a couple of weeks might be a difficult pill to swallow in the short run, but it will save lives and the economy in the long run. The economy is if people are, so the government must take the measures necessary to ensure public safety first. If we can shut down everything for a parade in the twin cities for days, why not do it for saving lives across the country.
Raja Shafaatullah

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