Justice Isa’s wife seeks info about Broadsheet probe from NAB

Sarina claimed that shocking things are being reported about the Bureau and an assets recovery company ‘Broadsheet’

ISLAMABAD: Seeking Broadsheet probe details under the constitutional right to information, Sarina Isa, wife of the sitting judge of the Supreme Court (SC), Justice Qazi Faez Isa, filed an application on Friday to top anti-graft body raising as many as 17 questions for response.
In her application to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), a copy of which is also available with TLTP, Sarina Isa claimed that shocking things are being reported about the Bureau and an assets recovery company ‘Broadsheet’. She said, “Huge amounts have been recovered by Broadsheet and a large amount, embezzled of taxpayers money, including mine.”
She alleged that NAB has not disclosed any of the facts but a worker of a political party, Mirza Shahzad Akbar who she said has made statements on the media and appears to be involved in a cover up.
Urging the bureau to provide information she asked through the application, “Is Mirza Shahzad Akbar NAB’s spokesman, if so, please provide a copy appointing him, what if any is the relationship between NAB and Mirza Shahzad Akbar.”
She further asked the NAB to respond whether Akbar met with the representative/owner of Broadsheet on behalf of the NAB, and if he did, what transpired in such a meeting or meetings. “Was appointment of assets recovery company advertised? If so please provide copy,” she asked.
She also sought a copy of a decision from the NAB under which a selection committee has chosen Broadsheet. She also asked the NAB if the appointment of the assets recovery company advertised then provide a copy of the advertisement.
Raising another question, she said, “Broadsheet was introduced to NAB/Government of Pakistan by whom and when Broadsheet was selected and appointed by whom, who drafted the agreement to be entered into with Broadsheet.” She also sought a copy of agreement with broadsheet, names and nationalities of the owners of Broadsheet and their respective expertise.
She further said, “Did Broadsheet help in recovering any money/assets and if it did”, she sought their particulars, the amount paid to and recovered by Broadsheet. She asked the NAB to provide particulars of payment to an unauthorised entity and where was it remitted who authorized the making of the payment mentioned above and who (if any) verified the credentials of the company /person to whom it was to be paid.
“Has NAB checked if a bribe was paid to anyone in in NAB/Government of Pakistan- Did NAB conduct an inquiry to determine who was responsible for making the payment, the amount paid to lawyers (in Pakistan and abroad) in this matter” Applicant Sarina Isa urged the NAB to provide the detail on the grounds that accountability, transparency and truth requires NAB to provide the information.


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