Balochistan govt developing 13 new border markets

ISLAMABAD: Balochistan government has initiated the development work on as many as 13 border markets at frontier areas to boost significant business activities in the province.

In this regard, the government has initiated development work on the Pak-Iran border and newly inaugurated gateway at Badini at the Pak-Afghan border to create and promote economic activities in the province.

An official of the Balochistan government on Monday said that the government plans to set up 13 border markets at adjacent border areas of Iran and Afghanistan.

He said that work on the border trade junction at Gabad and Mand Redig of Gwadar district will be carried out in the first phase. “The land acquisition process has completed while work has for developing infrastructure including communication network, water supply and electricity in the market areas has also been initiated,” he added.

He said that with the establishment of border markets, employment opportunities will be created for 20,000 locals from each market and the entire province would benefit from its associated benefits.


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