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Heal thyself

We need hospitals, not graveyards Someone has convinced the ‘Khadim-e-Aala’ that the city of Lahore has a serious crisis of burying their dead. These days he is seen inaugurating graveyards with great

Dr Farid A Malik

Seeking Justice

    My late father was a habitual litigant. When I took over from where he had left in September 1991 there were twenty court cases pending. He believed in a black

Dr Farid A Malik

Neutral Ballot

…and miles to go before I sleep     The election in 1970 was free and fair as it was the first experience. Manipulative mechanisms were not in place. The people voted

Dr Farid A Malik

Water, water, everywhere

And a crisis, ever looming               “NO armies with bombs and shell fire could divest a land so thoroughly as Pakistan could be devastated by the simple expedient of India’s permanently

Dr Farid A Malik

Our fake fakirs

“Lord of himself though not of lands; Having nothing yet hath it all”   Sadeqian – one of the greatest calligraphists of the 20th century – declared himself a ‘Faqir’. That meant

Dr Farid A Malik

Trump’s shake-up

“An east wind is coming”     I’ve been in favour of progressive politics all my life, and yet I support the shakeup of the establishment initiated by President Donald J. Trump.