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How elections are stolen

A weak election commission can never execute free and fair elections Those who cast ballots change nothing Those who count them change everything The ‘Bolshevik or Soviet Revolution’ is being discussed after

Dr Farid A Malik

Back to 1970?

Enemeies and electoral decisions The memory of the first and only free and fair elections of 1970 are etched in my mind. After toppling the dictatorship of Ayub Khan, we the students

Dr Farid A Malik

Berries in the belly

There are times we must be grateful for those odd old sayings Proverbs in Punjabi language are meaningful, direct, to the point and lesson orientated. Carrots and berries are extensively consumed in

Heal thyself

We need hospitals, not graveyards Someone has convinced the ‘Khadim-e-Aala’ that the city of Lahore has a serious crisis of burying their dead. These days he is seen inaugurating graveyards with great

Dr Farid A Malik

Aam admi ka vote

Relying on the common man While addressing a public meeting at Jacobabad Saad Rafiq roared that they will rule the province of Sindh by Aam Admi Ka Vote (Vote of the common

Dr Farid A Malik

Seeking Justice

My late father was a habitual litigant. When I took over from where he had left in September 1991 there were twenty court cases pending. He believed in a black and white

Dr Farid A Malik

Neutral Ballot

…and miles to go before I sleep The election in 1970 was free and fair as it was the first experience. Manipulative mechanisms were not in place. The people voted overwhelmingly against