Rana’s fear of anarchy

The Zaman Park raid was anarchic

As Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah is seriously concerned about anarchy for which he is blaming Imran Khan, the most popular political leader of the country, there seems to be a lack of focus and realization on his part. Ever since the partyless elections of 1985, Pakistan has been sliding towards an anarchic state.

Disorder prevails in most state institutions together with misgovernance. IK has only highlighted the plight of the common man and seeks course correction to bring back the order that once existed. The Model Town tragedy under Rana Sahib as Home Minister was a clear demonstration of anarchy together with the introduction of the Master Anarchists like the Gullu Butt’s of Gawalmandi.

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Adhocism invariably leads to chaos and anarchy. SOPs, documentation, and paper work is the best way to combat this menace but unfortunately half-literate individuals have been at the helm since 1985. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the last Prime Minister who did file work. His notings on the file kept the bureaucracy on their toes. Order prevailed.

Zia on the other hand as the President only wanted to support the status quo. According to the late Lt. Gen Gshulam Jillani it was Zia’s strategy to do nothing, he just sat on the files. After his death in August 1988, a roomful of files were retrieved.

It was during the PML(N) regimes that most of the city record of Lahore was destroyed through arson. Courts are now full of civil litigation. Then there is a long list of SROs (Statutory Regulatory Orders) that were issued to facilitate Sharif Group’ business interests. Mian Sharif (Abba Ji) believed that; ” Everyone has a price, pay and get your job done “; rules and regulations were flouted. Hiring against merit and out-of-turn promotions became the norm, creating disorder in civilian institutions, with the police being the worst.

Last year, before the change of government, I was waiting to meet the SAPM. During the conversation the PS mentioned that he had worked with Ch Nisar Ali Khan when he was the Interior Minister. I was curious to know about his expertise in file work. I was very surprised when I was told that he personally reviewed all the files with immaculate follow-up. Perhaps he was the only exception to the overall ‘Mukmuka’ approach of the PML(N) leadership. Lately he has been talking about his challenges within the party including the formation of the IJI (Islami Jamhoori Ittehad) that was formed by the ISI under Lt Gen Asad Durrani to elevate Nawaz Sharif at the federal level. It was an act of sabotaging democracy much beyond the prevailing state-sponsored anarchy.

As an experienced politician Rana Sahib has an opportunity to restore order in the departments operating under his Ministry. The ongoing disorder since 1985 has to be contained otherwise anarchy will prevail with disastrous consequences for the country and its people.

Today the Islamic Republic of Pakistan  needs a major course correction. The prevailing anarchy ‘Rana and Gullu Butt’ style has to be replaced with order. It is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black. As the first free-born generation of Pakistan we have witnessed the rise and fall of our motherland in our lifetime. For decades most civilian institutions remained functional; today most of them are non-functional and in a chaotic state. The Interior Minister complains that Zaman Park has become a no-go area. During her election campaign against the late Kulsoom Nawaz, Dr Yasmin Rashid gave a list to the Commissioner of such out-of-bounds areas in Gawalmandi and Bilal Ganj controlled by the Gullu Butts of the PML(N) where total lawlessness prevailed. Even utility bills were not paid there. Indeed Zaman Park is a no go area for the thugs who have looted this country in connivance with their corrupt-to-the-core police force raised from the ruffians of Gawalmandi.

On every TV panel discussion Rana Sahib and his party complains about his arrest by the Anti Narcotics Force for possession of contraband stuff. ANF works under the Pakistan Army and Ministry of Narcotics Control. The Director General is a Grade 21 officer in uniform. The executive authority is exercised by the DG not by the Minister. Most inexperienced Ministers  make tall claims on the feedback of the department over which they exercise no administrative control. If Rana Sahib was illegally interned he should initiate an inquiry against the DG who ordered the search and arrest. Arresting innocent people is an act of anarchy which should not go unpunished. Nor does it justify the current high-handedness of the PDM government. My retired Khaki friends maintain that a serving general would never indulge in factitious cases.There is a serious missing link which Rana Sahib should investigate.

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On March 18, the attack on the house of a former PM in Zaman Park was an act of anarchy. It looked like a war zone. According to Comrade Aitzaz Ahsan, his house next door was also not spared. Violence leads to anarchy which should be avoided. In the UK the police force is kept unarmed and under strict discipline not to enter public places without warrants.

In the USA as there are no Arms Licences, people carry weapons for self-defence. The ‘ Right to bear Arms ‘ is recognised as a fundamental right. In order to deal with armed individuals, the police also carry weapons. Exchanges usually get out of hand with loss of human lives.

As an experienced politician Rana Sahib has an opportunity to restore order in the departments operating under his Ministry. The ongoing disorder since 1985 has to be contained otherwise anarchy will prevail with disastrous consequences for the country and its people.

Dr Farid A Malik
Dr Farid A Malikhttps://www.pakistantoday.com.pk
The writer is ex-Chairman, Pakistan Science Foundation. He can be contacted at: [email protected].


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