Lawyers observe nationwide strike in protest against alleged police violence

Lawyers’ organizations throughout Pakistan are currently observing a nationwide strike to express solidarity with the legal community following alleged incidents of police violence against lawyers in Lahore on Wednesday.

In condemnation of the reported illegal actions by the Punjab police, lawyers across the country have opted for a complete strike, refraining from attending court proceedings to stand in unity with the advocates of the Lahore Bar Association.

Moreover, they have organized protest meetings, marches, and rallies within their respective bar associations to voice their discontent on this issue.

In a statement, PBC Vice Chairman Riazat Ali Sahar strongly condemned what he described as police “violence” against lawyers in Lahore, labeling it a “brutal attack” on the legal fraternity.

He asserted that the police subjected the lawyers to “brutal” treatment, resulting in numerous arrests. Sahar emphasized that every individual has the constitutional right to peaceful protest.

“The Punjab police’s actions against lawyers, marked by brutality, cannot be overlooked,” the PBC vice chairman affirmed. He expressed concern that the “barbaric” conduct of the Punjab police has tarnished the dignity of the legal profession.

The PBC has called for action to be taken against the police officials involved in what it terms as brutality against lawyers.


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