Escalating harassment issue

I am writing to draw the gov­ernment’s attention to a press­ing issue that is on the rise – ha­rassment. Pakistan, being densely populated, is currently grappling with a significant challenge re­lated to this paramount problem. The country is witnessing a surge in harassment cases, particular­ly in terms of sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and more. The situa­tion is especially critical concern­ing workplace harassment.

Regrettably, addressing this alarming matter has become a substantial challenge for the government, leading to acute hardships for the affected indi­viduals. Each year, a consider­able number of people face ha­rassment due to these pervasive issues. Therefore, I urge the rel­evant authorities to take imme­diate and decisive action against this paramount concern as swift­ly as possible. It is imperative that the matter be promptly ad­dressed and resolved.



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