According to the latest global data available with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), more than half a billion people are now living with diabetes. In Pakistan, an estimated 33 million people live with the condition, and, rather alarmingly, 27 per cent of them happen to be undiagnosed. In 2021, diabetes led to as many as 396,625 reported deaths, and we spent a massive amount of money in health expenditure.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called on its member states to strengthen primary healthcare systems to achieve UHC by 2030. However, global progress to achieve UHC is falling short, with millions of people unable to access the care they need, and nearly half of those with the condition remaining undiagnosed.
This can lead to an increased risk of developing severe and potentially life-threatening complications, putting individuals and health systems under increased financial strain. IDF activities for the World Diabetes Day focus on the importance of having access to the right information and care to ensure timely treatment and management to reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications.
Achieving the global targets will not be possible without improving access to quality diabetes support and care. Ensuring UHC everywhere is the best way to achieve the targeted outcome. The government should allocate sufficient resources to improve access to diagnosis and care facilities in Pakistan.

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