Balanced policy

The outcome and resolutions of the recent meeting were, indeed, quite frightening as far as the preservation of international peace is concerned. Subsequent to the meeting, two more dangerous factors have also come in; one, demand by the ruling Democrats in the United States for the allocation of $52 billion for providing F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

The American people have questioned the rationale and necessity of allocating such a heavy amount at the expense of the taxpayers. There are others amongst the presidential aspirants who think that the US should not be extensively involved in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

F-16s will only lead to prolonging the war. If Nato countries feel they can defeat Russia by continuous acts of pricking and provoking, they are sadly mistaken. Anyone who can just estimate the distance between St. Petersburg and Vladivostok should be able to calculate how much space Russia has to absorb any type of attack. On the contrary, none of the European countries have that much space. Some historical facts appear to be neglected as well.

With the reunion of Germany, liberty of many countries in southern Europe and the disbandment of the Warsaw Pact, what moral justification was there for Nato to exist? What good has it done except invading weak countries, like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan?

As far as Pakistan’s stance in this peculiar situation is concerned, we have not been just and fair in dealing with the Russians in the past. It may be difficult, but we should try to maintain a balanced stand in this unnecessary war.



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