Dirty politics

Recently, six schoolchildren and two adults got stuck in a cable car when two of its cables snapped while they were on their way to school in Battagram area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). This resulted in the cable car hanging precariously at a high altitude.

Promptly responding to the crisis, Pakistan Army’s aviation wing and commandoes launched a rescue operation. The locals also got involved in the rescue mission, and it was a collaborative effort which resulted in bringing all the eight individuals to safety after several hours of Pakistan Army helicopters hovering above the cable car and special forces along with the locals doing their best on the ground.

While the whole nation praised the army for its quick response and saving the children by applying every possible means, it was disheartening to subsequently see certain individuals with a particular political bent of mind using various social media platforms to spread negativity about individuals and institutions on the same issue.

Such actions, particularly during times of crisis, were, and are, unwarranted and insensitive. It is the responsibility of the government, especially the provincial government, to ensure efficient and reliable commute networks in place.

We should learn a lesson from the incident and address the issues confronting the population in the hilly regions of KP and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). Not learning a lesson will be a big folly.



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