Massive power price hike to further augment public woes: PTI

— PTI slams govt for massive hike in power tariff; says Muzamil Aslam

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Focal Person on Economic Affairs Muzamil Aslam Saturday blasted the “imported government” for exorbitant increase in the power tariff, saying that it would further augment the misery of the people.

Muzamil said on Saturday that the imported government increased the power rate by 30%; however, the public bill would probably be increased by 35 to 40 percent. He said that the cabal of crooks was taking decisions as if they still had 2.5 year in the power but in reality the government would have to go in next 2.5 weeks, but it released a whooping Rs. 61 billion for MPs’ development schemes. Muzamil stated that ironically, consumers who consumed less electricity were even not spared as they would also bear the brunt of the power hike.

He said that the prices of the goods would witness rise considerably with the increase in electricity bill, adding that cement, fertilizer, even store-bought ice-cream would become more expensive due to increase in electricity prices. PTI leader stated that a consumer using 100 units was paying Rs. 7.74 per unit 14 months ago, which has now become Rs. 16.48.

Muzamil went on to say that a consumer of 200 units of electricity was paying Rs 10.6 per unit a year ago, who would now pay Rs 22.95, adding that a consumer of 300 units was paying Rs 12.15 per unit a year ago but now the price went up to Rs 27.14 per unit.
Moreover, he stated that Rs. 19.55 was being paid for 400 units a year ago, but now it became Rs. 32.3, adding that a power customer who used to pay Rs 19.55 for using 500 units would now pay Rs 35.24.

Muzamil Aslam said that the consumption price of 600 units increased from Rs. 19.55 to Rs. 36.68 and 700 and above units of electricity went up to Rs 42.72 per unit from Rs 22.65.

Likewise, he said that those who consumed 1000 units of electricity would pay Rs. 42.72 per unit and after fuel surcharge, quarterly surcharge, income tax and sales tax, the price per unit would be Rs 60.

Muzamil said that a consumer using 2500 or 3000 units would have a monthly electricity bill of Rs 2 lakh and the bill of consumers using 300 units would be Rs. 10500 to Rs. 11,000 including all taxes. However, he said that most of the customers using 300 units had a salary of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000, adding that how such a person would pay the bill.

Muzamil revealed that the increase in electricity price was not due to IMF conditions, adding that it was mainly because of the loss being suffered by the power generating companies, as only Rs. 7 fuel was being used in the electricity purchased at Rs 50 per unit.
He state that due to the agreements signed by the previous government of PML-N, the electricity generating companies would have to pay Rs. 15 per unit, adding that they would also have to pay the bills for the stolen electricity.

Muzamil said that a year ago, the electricity bill recovery was to be 93 to 94 percent but during the days of flood, the electricity bill recovery was reduced to 81 to 82 percent.
He went on to say that if 20% of electricity was being stolen in this country, they would have to pay for it, adding that factories would be closed in the coming days, unemployment would increase due to massive increase in power.

Muzamil stated that it was being said that the government would get an additional Rs. 3250 billion due to the increase in power tariff, adding that the situation was very challenging, as it would be next to impossible for rank and files to pay the electricity bill.
He went on to say that Punjab government approved Rs. 3 billion for the vehicles of government employees, while a government employee whose salary would not even Rs 1.5 lakh was being given a car worth Rs 10.65 million.


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