Dadu faces health crisis as malaria cases surge

KARACHI: Dadu, a district in Sindh, is grappling with a major health crisis as a significant number of malaria cases have been reported, causing concern among health officials and residents.

The district has witnessed a surge in malaria infections, with some patients experiencing recurrent bouts of the disease. This recurrence is particularly alarming as it poses additional health risks and underscores the urgent need to address the situation.

In an effort to combat the spread of malaria, doctors have been prescribing Primaquine tablets to affected patients. However, the availability of these essential medications has become a challenge due to shortages in local medical stores.

This shortage is exacerbating the difficulties faced by both patients and healthcare providers in effectively managing the outbreak.

The district administration’s official statement highlights the severe impact of recent floods, which have contributed to the escalation of malaria cases in Dadu.

The aftermath of the floods has created a favourable environment for the breeding of mosquitoes, the primary vectors responsible for transmitting the disease.


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