Chinese investors exploring investment opportunities in Punjab

LAHORE: Chinese companies have shown their interest in investing in different sectors in Punjab including steel, agrochemicals, spinning machinery, chicken farms, meat and processing factories, etc.

In this regard, according to Gwadar Pro, different delegations visited the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT) and discussed different investment opportunities with Pakistani officials.

A delegation comprising six members from China led by Cheng Xiaonong, Vice-President, Pakistan Shandong (China) Chamber of Commerce visited PBIT to explore investment potential in Punjab for establishing warehouses of steel products, the establishment of chicken farms and meat processing factory and opportunities of petrochemical related industry.

The head of the China Desk shared the investment infrastructure and SEZ framework of Punjab and assured full support and facilitation of PBIT at each step to establish a footprint in Punjab.

Earlier, a nine-member Chinese delegation also visited PBIT to have a briefing on investment opportunities in Punjab.

The Chinese delegation was led by Wang Zihai, the former President of Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) and Honorary Investment Counsellor of Pakistan in China.

“The Chinese delegation sought to explore investment opportunities in various sectors,” reads an official statement of PBIT.
Some Chinese delegates have shown interest in the manufacturing of steel, aluminum, and plastic doors in Punjab, according to PBIT, adding that others were interested in pesticides, agrochemicals and petrochemicals.

The Chinese investors also showed interest to make investments in fiber aramid products, solid tires, and spinning machinery.


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