Journalists real asset to country, nation: Prof Dr Al-Farid Zafar

LAHORE: Ameer-ud-din Medical College, Post Graduate Medical Institute and Lahore General Hospital Principal Prof Dr Sardar Al-Farid Zafar said that the journalists are an asset to the country and the nation, so taking care of their health is the foremost duty and responsibility of the state.

Prof Dr Sardar Al-Farid Zafar was speaking at the inauguration of a free medical camp at Lahore Press Club here on Tuesday. Prof Zafar said that not only at this camp but also providing medical facilities to journalist and their families will be made a regular feature. He pointed out that free treatment is the responsibility of the State, so all steps will be taken to furnish all medical facilities to them. On this occasion almost three hundred journalists and their families were checked and provided with free medical treatment. The facilities of free tests and Ultrasounds were offered to the press club members. He further announced that the advanced facilities including CT Scan and MRI will also be provided free of cost to journalists at Lahore general hospital. Specialist doctors including: Dr Umer Ejaz, Dr Ahmad Naeem, AP Dr Muzammil Azam, Dr Ahmad, Dr Dayan, Dr Sheeraz, Dr Sidra Hamid, Dr Sidra Sayyal and Dr Muhammad Amjad and other offered services at this frees medical camp. These doctors were specialist in Surgery, Medicine, ENT, Gynecology, Dermatology, Gynecology and Paediatrics. The free medical camp was arranged under the aegis of Lahore General Hospital and with the cooperation of General Cadre Doctors’ Association.

Speaking on this occasion General Cadre Doctor’s Association President Dr Masood Sheikh termed doctors, journalists bond historic and, vowing to strengthen it further with the passage of time. He said that medical facilities in public sector hospitals can be improved with the cooperation and guidance of journalist.



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