Vandalism on May 9 ‘engineered’ to discredit, eliminate PTI: Imran

  • Says PDM seeks to label PTI as proscribed organisation as they fear contest in elections
  • Says by not holding elections on May 14, Constitution is broken and country being run on doctrine of necessity

LAHORE: Former prime minister Imran Khan on Saturday alleged that the recent acts of vandalism on May 9, were a deliberate and orchestrated scheme aimed at discrediting the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to pave the way for branding it as a proscribed organisation.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan made the remarks during a speech delivered from his residence in Zaman Park, Lahore on Saturday.

According to Khan, the incidents were part of a larger conspiracy to undermine PTI’s standing.

“This was a well-planned conspiracy intended to weaken and eliminate PTI. The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) knows that they cannot defeat PTI in elections. Therefore, they seek to label our party as a proscribed organisation. It is unfortunate that a party that has maintained a peaceful demeanour for over 27 years is being portrayed as a terrorist entity.”

Denouncing the allegations that he failed to condemn the violent protests as a “blatant lie”, Khan emphasised that during his appearance at the Supreme Court, he promptly expressed his unequivocal opposition to all forms of violence.

“I was shot, did I ever ask [party workers] to engage in violence? I mentioned the intelligence officer’s name, but did anyone do anything or set fire to any government buildings? When I got out, I came to know [about the violent protests]. I explicitly stated that I strongly condemn such actions. I have never given permission to my people to do anything other than peaceful protests,” he said.

He said that PTI workers tried to stop people who set the sabre jet on fire stationed at a roundabout in Mianwali. “We used to see it with pride. The aircraft was made of aluminum, so how did it catch fire? It was set ablaze by those who had brought something with them,” he claimed.

The former premier said that the police could have apprehended him without resorting to violence. “Was it necessary to use force and brutality? Was I sitting there as a terrorist? I am a former prime minister. They hit me on my head with a club,” he added.

He said that PTI leaders including Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Asad Umar, Yasmin Rashid and others were giving calls for a peaceful protest following his arrest.

“How did the Radio Pakistan building catch fire? The protest was happening somewhere else. Outside the residence of the Corps Commander, a person was seen instigating people, and as soon as the gate opened, he disappeared from the scene,” he alleged.

“I was arrested, and then the internet was shut down, and the media was also censored. After that, our people were apprehended. The entire senior leadership was captured, including those who were advocating for peaceful protests,” he said.

Imran stated that he issued a call for a peaceful protest, urging his followers to hold placards bearing the slogans “Save Nation, Save Constitution.” However, he expressed his dismay as numerous individuals were arrested solely for holding these placards.

He highlighted that in Pakistan’s history, he had never witnessed such deplorable treatment towards women. He emphasised that peaceful protest is a constitutionally protected right of the PTI and its supporters.

“I clearly state that if any member of the PTI is found involved in burning a vehicle or engaging in any other unlawful activity, inform us, and we will present them before the court ourselves,” he added.

Imran said that there is no law in the country at the moment and his only hope is the judiciary, adding that even judges are being pressured against giving relief to PTI.

He said that by not holding elections on May 14, the Constitution was broken. “The country is being run on doctrine of necessity.”

He stated that pursuing negotiations with PDM was a futile exercise as there is no intention from it to reach a positive outcome for the country. “They are aware that they will face defeat in the elections. Their objective is to render PTI incapable of contesting elections. They aim to eliminate PTI and regain power once again,” he added.

“What benefit does the delay in election bring? Will the economy miraculously improve by October? If you want to apply minus-one [formula] you may, but what will it bring? Please tell me the benefits, and I will be on board so that the country can prosper,” he said.

He emphasised that the nation is approaching a critical juncture and a point of no return, stating, “When orders are disregarded, Supreme Court decisions are ignored, and despite high court orders, Imran Riaz Khan is not produced, while 7,500 workers remain detained without being presented in court. What kind of law is this? The law of jungle is prevailing here.”

Due to the prevailing situation, he said that around 900,000 professionals have left the country, adding that the people are losing hope. “Those in power at the moment, it is your responsibility to govern this country. This is also your Pakistan,” he added.

The former prime minister said that the members of the PDM are not affected as they only benefit if the value of the dollar rises because their money is stashed abroad.

“They have billions of dollars stashed abroad, but for those who want to stay here, I am telling you that the country is heading towards destruction. There is only one way, and those who are listening to me, there is one clear path remaining: to hold fair and transparent elections. From there, our fight to rescue the country from this quagmire will begin,” he concluded.



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