Not dressed properly

Imran Khan was finally arrested. And then released, after the Islamabad High Court said the arrest was legal, and then said it wasn’t. The reason was that he was arrested on the premises of the court while not wearing uniform. He was wearing shalwar qameez, nt a dhoti, and his qameez was not yellow with large blue polka dots.

It took the Supreme Court to announce an end to the glorious police tradition of arresting an accused from the verandah or corridors of a high court, once he has been denied bail. Of course, it did not specify the offences for which arrest is now illegal. NAB offences are out, but can murder accused be arrested that way?

And what about arson? They burned down the Corps Commander’s residence here in Lahore, and it seems that the arsonists also did their bit for a new Pakistan, such as liberating a soft-drink bottle and freeing some white peacocks. The PTI was needlessly defensive about this, and it showed how badly rattled they were that they didn’t blame Shehbaz Sharif for having ser the fire with the help of Gullu Butt. One of Imran’s great achievements, up there with winning the World Cup and his successful Prime Ministership, is having spent a night in police custody and living to tell the tale.

The breakdown in the PTI has reached the point where no spokesman has claimed that Maryam Nawaz was seen pouring petrol over the Peshawar Radio Pakistan building, or even that Mian Shahbaz was seen firing at the crowd in Quetta when one person was killed. There’s a focus on Imran, with an attempt to build the narrative that there were two attempts on his life, one foiled by China’s intervention, the other by Saudi PM and Crown Prince MBS’s intercession.

The way things are going, Imran might claim that a high Air Quality Index in Lahore is actually an attempt on his life.

Apparently, while Imran was in jail, he was careful to eat or drink nothing. No wonder he didn’t use the washroom. In this weather, he would soon be suffering from constipation. I don’t know how that plays out with an anal prolapse (which he submitted in his MC), but The Chief Justice was taking a big risk by admitting Imran to his courtroom. What if there had been an accident? Anyway, Imran needed to stay hydrated. I mean, all things apart, he is 71.

It’s interesting that the medical reports coming out of the detention don’t mention the prolapse. There is an X-ray doing the media rounds showing an absolutely undamaged bone, with the claim that Iran’s bone was never broken by any firing.

The medical report also indicated that Imran’s blood did not have enough cocaine to kill him. Of course, as the test was conducted in a government hospital, we know that it was not reliable.

Now one begins to understand why he said that Shehbaz Gill, Azqam Swati and all PTI leaders jailed were sexually abused. Notice that no one is making this claim for Imran. That’s right, he controls the narrative, especially of that claim. It seems that Dirty Harry isn’t so attractive after all.

I see that the Hanud-o-Yashud took advantage of the confusion to do what they do best, which oppress the Muslims under their control. Outside o Tauru, a district in India’s Haryana state, a Muslim was killed after it was found he was carrying a cow in the back of his car. No one tried to find out how he had got the cow into the car. He was bringing the cow from nearby Rajasthan, where cow slaughter is also banned.

The Israelis launched an attack on Gaza as usual, killing 22, including women and children, upto Thursday. I wonder if the people killed carried very much whether Imran was free or ont (or whether Arm installations were being damaged). To find ou8t, perhaps one should ask Ali Amin Gandapur, the renegade disciple of Ali Wazir. I don’t know if he’ll answer,so pleased he would be at the fact that he was recognized at Zaman Park, even without his flowing locks.



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