Imran’s conspiracy against country to be foiled: Sanaullah

FAISALABAD: Federal Interior Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan said on Sunday that signing of an International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreement by Imran Khan, and then its violation by his government was a deep-rooted conspiracy to destabilise Pakistan, which would be foiled with people’s support.

Talking to the media at his residence here on Sunday, he said Imran Khan was an ill-mannered person and there were no expectation from him to respect even women. The minister regretted that Imran Khan gave foul remarks about PML-N Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz, who was boldly exposing his [Imran’s] agenda and his false allegations to mislead the masses. He was also cheating the state institutions and when he failed, he tried to intimidate them by organising public rallies.

Rana Sana refuted Imran’s claim that a conspiracy was hatched to eliminate him. He rejected the PTI chief’s claim that he wanted to go to Judicial Complex, but the government stopped his supporters to create chaos and kill him. The minister said that about two weeks ago, he (Imran) had attacked the Judicial Complex with his supporters and once again he tried to repeat that episode just to avoid judicial proceedings against him.

He said that there was no justification to take 300-400 workers with him, out of which many were armed.

He said as per decided list, the selected persons were already inside the Judicial Complex, but he wanted to create unrest to skip the process of indictment against him. He said that if the practice started, then nobody would bow before the law and try to avoid the judicial process by intimidating courts.

The minister alleged that Farah Gogi had looted billions of rupees, but she was still not arrested. He said that Imran Kham himself was involved in a scam of Rs 50 billion and a property of Rs 7 billion was registered in the name of al-Qadir Trust, owned by him and her wife.

He said that no case was instituted against Farah Gogi, who plundered and shifted wealth outside the country.

He said that allegation of Toshakhana had been established, but Imran Khan was not allowing the court process and his attendance was marked on the road. He actually crippled the judicial system and was not ready to accept the supremacy of law. He is in habit of intimidating officers, Rana Sanaullah added.

The minister alleged that during his around four years tenure, Imran Khan instituted narcotics case against him and forced Director General (DG) Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) and Sheharyar Afridi to publicly swear that he was involved in it. He clarified despite valid having search warrants, the police did not enter the family area, but Imran Khan would have to answer why he had kept 100 armed terrorists in his residence.

He said that DIG Shehzad Bukhari was also manhandled as he was on official duty to comply with the court orders. He said that illegal weapons, petrol bombs and miscreants had been nabbed from his residence. He is actually criticising Maryam Nawaz, as she was exposing his misdeeds. The minister said Imran Khan had dissolved the assemblies to create chaos and anarchy in the country.

Comparing Imran’s tenure with Nawaz Sharif’s era, Rana Sana said the PML-N government had flushed out terrorism in addition to eliminating menace of load-shedding. At that time, the growth rate was more than 6 per cent. He said the government had accepted the court decision to conduct elections in two provinces.

He said the nation was watching the action and language of Imran Khan and would reject him in the elections.


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