IAEA-Pakistan collaboration to strengthen Nuclear Security Regime in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Director Division of Nuclear Security (NSNS), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Ms. Elena Buglova, during her visit to Pakistan, expressed her appreciation for Pakistan’s support in the implementation of IAEA-Pakistan Nuclear Security Cooperation Program.

Ms. Buglova along with her team was on visit to Pakistan from January 17-19 which was aimed at reviewing progress under the Nuclear Security Cooperation Program and discussing future cooperation between IAEA and Pakistan, said a news release issued here.

Pakistan is one of the founding members of the IAEA. Pakistan and IAEA signed ‘Nuclear Security Cooperation Program’ to enhance effectiveness of Country’s Nuclear Security Regime, through IAEA support, in 2005.

Under this program, the Agency provided assistance for upgrading security measures at a Nuclear Power Plant and Nuclear Medical Centers, development of training infrastructures, provision of Radiation

Detection Equipment to combat illicit trafficking of radioactive materials and human resource development.

Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA), is the lead agency for the coordination of all activities under the program.

During the visit, Ms. Buglova held meetings with Chairman PNRA, Mr. Faizan Mansoor and Chairman PAEC, Dr. Raja Ali Raza Anwar.

She was briefed on the achievements of the IAEA-Pakistan Nuclear Security Cooperation Program. While the opportunities for future collaboration also came under discussion.

Ms. Buglova expressed her appreciation for Pakistan’s support in the implementation of IAEA-Pakistan Nuclear Security Cooperation Program.

Ms. Buglova also visited various training facilities at Pakistan’s Center of Excellence (PCENS) and National Institute of Safety and Security (NISAS) which has recently received status of an IAEA Collaborating Center for nuclear security training and technical support.

She appreciated the capabilities of PCENS, NISAS and PIEAS for the capacity building of national organizations having responsibilities related to nuclear security and nuclear security measures taken by Pakistan that are in accordance with the IAEA recommendations.

She acknowledged Pakistan’s offer and support to IAEA for implementation of IAEA nuclear security program and conducting regional and international training, expert and services missions.

Pakistan acknowledges IAEA’s continued support to enhance its nuclear security capabilities including human resource development and associated training infrastructure that includes state-of-the-art labs equipped with the latest technologies.



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