Soiled currency notes

Though fresh banknotes are infused in circulation by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) from time to time, soiled currency notes remain a constant sight in everyday transactions. The way we keep and use currency notes is rather strange, and that shortens the life of the legal tender.

When banks receive such seriously worn out notes, they hold them back under the SBP policy. It costs us a huge sum of money on printing banknotes, handling unfit currency notes, and ensuring the availability of fit notes in the market.

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How banknotes are worn out prematurely in Pakistan? If you do not know, just observe people doing strange things in society, like using them in garlands and showering them on an amazing range of performers.

We must understand that our attitude in this regard actually causes a severe and recurring burden on the exchequer.

The life of a banknote drops prematurely. The banknote happens to be a symbol of the nation’s sovereignty, and thus respecting it by using it solely for the intended purpose is our responsibility as citizens.



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