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Hypocrisy is celebrated, not condemned

Pakistani politics and hypocrisy have been side by side in this country. The more charlatan a politician is, the more successful and expert he is in political chess. Whether politicians are in the government or in the opposition, neither refrain from hypocritical behavior nor realize what will be the answer they give to the people when they claim to drag the opponents on the streets and become their divers and bring them from the airport to their residence? Similarly, when these politicians get entangled or reproofed, they become complacent and when a political deal is followed by a leeway, they turn their words bomb shelling towards each other.

In fact, no political leadership in this country is free from the politics of hypocrisy. Accusing political opponents of having double standards in their pursuit of power has become common currency in political debate. Everyone has witnessed the hypocritical politics of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari and now the politics of Mian Shehbaz Sharif and Imran Khan are on display. On the one hand, Mian Shehbaz Sharif has become the head of the street draggers and on the other hand the biggest dacoits of Punjab have become confidant that supporters have been sidelined and the Chief Ministry of Punjab has been handed over to bandits on mere ten votes.

People protest against the coalition government as much as they want and the powerful circles are with them whereas the popularity of the Tehreek-e-Insaf leadership is increasing among the people. Whatever the PTI leadership says, its devotees consider it as the last word. The government can make accusations and leak audio- videos as much as it wants but it will not matter. People are not ready to know and believe anything because they are standing with their preferred leadership narrative and they are not interested in changing the narrative neither the opposition propaganda is having an effect, the general public seem indifferent to all the anti-propaganda while on the other hand, the coalition leadership with the help of superior circles is using all sorts of illegal tactics to keep the people’s leadership out of politics.

This is not only a matter of the coalition government. Similar politics seem to be taking place in the field of politics whenever there is an opportunity. Previously, Tehreek-e-Insaf was doing politics of revenge in the name of accountability for corruption but today, the allies are carrying out retaliatory actions in the name of the interest of the state while the people are facing escalating problems and no one treated the problems of the people before nor is anyone doing it presently as the people are nowhere in the priorities of the political leadership and they are well aware of this. Therefore, with the changing mood of the leadership in politics, the mood of the nation has also become perfect. They begin to give the title of a saint to their leader when the people are with one faction instead when they switch sides and support the opposing faction, they begin to refer to the angel as the devil.

Conscious nations all over the world recognize their profit and loss and take decisions accordingly but our people are blindly loyal and sometimes take decisions in view of their own small interests.

Conscious nations all over the world recognize their profit and loss and take decisions accordingly but our people are blindly loyal and sometimes take decisions in view of their own small interests. If decisions were made impartially by evaluating the entire character of every politician then selfless, sincere and honest leadership could have emerged. An effective leadership can only make the country prominent in the world but the people are not being given the opportunity to choose an effective leadership, the people were never asked nor were the people given the authority to decide and they are being forced to try again and again because of this Pakistan has not become a developed, powerful and respectable country in the world despite the passage of half a centuries. .

It is very sad that the economy of our nuclear country has reached the brink of destruction. The country’s currency has become a rag and day by day increasing inflation and unemployment have tormented the lives of the people. Apart from this, the entire population of the country is in dire straits yet the supporters of the government and the opposition leadership kept swaying happily to the beat of the political drums, dancing and chanting instead of condemning each other. Every conscientious person is suffering from the moral decline in Pakistan with the economic decline. How will this change day and night? No one knows or wants to change as no one is ready to change their ways.

If this country remains then we are all and if not then nothing, the sooner it is realized the better for everyone because the responsibility of hypocritical behavior in Pakistani politics cannot only be put on the politicians and the powerful circles. Arguably, the people of Pakistan are equally responsible for this, who instead of questioning and confronting the hypocritical behavior of their preferred politicians continue to defend and cover them up. The irony is that the hypocritical behavior of politicians is hailed as a good political move on various platforms. Until the people change their attitude, there will be no change in the hypocritical behavior of the political leadership nor will the direction of politics be correct. If the direction of politics is right then it will be possible to revolutionize the life of the people and the country.

Attiya Munawer
Attiya Munawer
The writer tweets @AttiyaMunawer

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