LG elections: After Malir, Korangi deputy commissioner seeks postponement

KARACHI: After Malir’s deputy commissioner petitioned the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to suspend the local government elections in certain constituencies of his district, his counterpart in Korangi Tuesday approached the agency with a similar petition.

Saleemullah Odho wrote a letter to the commission regarding the second phase of the polls wherein he pointed out the ongoing monsoon spell wreaked havoc in some union councils of the district.

The letter read that many polling stations and school buildings have been affected due to record monsoon rains, and the surrounding areas are still submerged in rainwater.

Moreover, Odho noted that more torrential rains are expected in Karachi, adding that the conduct of polls and supply of election material will not be possible if more rains hit the district.

A day earlier, the Malir deputy commissioner wrote to the ECP the monsoon spell had played havoc on the district and there were a number of populated areas which are still inaccessible and deprived of basic amenities due to heavy downpour.


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