Woes of farmers in Sindh

Farmers in Sindh have been hit hard by the lack of water for cultivation of seasonal crops. Water is not only important for the lives of people and cattle, but also for agriculture. Poor farmers are already facing inflation in the shape of costly fertiliser and pesticides, and higher rates of ploughing the land owing to petrol price hike. Besides, the unavailability of quality seeds and other difficulties continue to be part of their lives. The dearth of water is the ultimate misery for the farmers. In many areas of Sindh, including Kashmore, most people have agriculture as the main source of earning. This season, the cultivation of rice was delayed by a month which will affect yields severely, resulting in losses for farmers who are already living in abject poverty. The government ought to address this issue and save the poor farmers from losses, despair and distress. This can be achieved by adopting and promoting new ways of agriculture as well as taking proper measures, such as constructing dams to store water during rains that may be used during droughts. This will make it easier for the farmers to cultivate crops that require less consumption of water.
Besides, the farmers should also be encouraged to learn modern agricultural techniques, such as drip irrigation, to ensure economical and efficient use of water to avoid further problems in this state of economic crisis in the country.
Ali Sher Golo

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