Impact of China thwarting joint resolution by US and India at UNSC on Pakistan

China has thwarted a joint resolution by the United States and India at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) by putting ‘technical hold’ on it. That resolution intended to place Abdul Rehman Makki’s name on the list of UN-designated terrorists.

Pakistan, no doubt, should welcome this news for obvious reasons. But I feel necessary to mention two reasons for how this news is, or should be, alarming for Pakistan.

The Chinese move has strengthened our all-weather and evergreen friendship with China as it means that the US-India nexus failed to have its way for the time being.

But we must note that China has not vetoed the resolution. Instead, it put a ‘technical hold’ on it, bringing temporary relief for Pakistan. This technical hold will be valid for six months, after which the resolution will again be presented in the UNSC for voting.

I would like to remind all concerned of the case of Masood Azhar. In 2019, the US proposed a resolution in the UNSC to declare Azhar an international terrorist. On that occasion, too, China had put the same ‘technical hold’ on the resolution. But after six months when that resolution was again tabled in the UNSC, China allowed it to be passed.

This news is, and should be, concerning for Pakistan because of still growing US-India ties regardless of the latter’s refusal to condemn the ongoing Russian military intervention in Ukraine and its recent purchase of S-400 missile defence system from the American political rival. On the other hand, Pakistan has been rather forced to condemn Russia’s actions.

Also, India and the European Union free trade agreement is also underway to take Indo-West relations to newer heights. The eagerness of the West to increase its presence in the Indo-Pacific region through India should naturally concern Pakistan.

Therefore, in the wake of significantly growing Indo-West ties, Pakistan should expedite its efforts for forming a bloc with regional and trans-regional, like-minded players to counter the the wicked and nefarious designs of the unholy nexus. This step is the need of the hour and is vital to Pakistan’s national security and prosperity.



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