Pak Army guarantee to Pakistan’s defense: Senator

QUETTA: Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri said that Pakistan’s defense is in safe hands due to the sacrifices rendered by valiant armed forces. Pakistan Army has always demonstrated professional and technical capabilities and thwarted the nefarious designs of the enemies, she said in a statement issued here Friday.
Samina Zehri said that Pakistan’s geographical location and strong army was the only guarantee to security and survival of Pakistan. She said that due to its geographical location, Pakistan had always been important in every era and its geographical position cannot be taken advantage of without a strong and powerful army.
Over the past two decades, Pakistan has made every effort to bring peace to the world and has made tremendous sacrifices for the establishment of peace. If we look at the spirit of those who have sacrificed for the defense of the country, we should be proud of their brave forces that the numerical superiority of the enemy has no place in the eyes of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the security of the country and the nation, she noted.
She said that the manner in which the Pakistani forces are facing internal and external enemies and the way in which they are constantly fighting on different fronts as well as protecting the country’s borders and internal and external conspiracies is a very difficult one.

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