Pakistan man continues research after earning doctorate in China

LANZHOU: Aman Khan, a postdoctoral fellow at Lanzhou University in northwest China’s Gansu Province, is continuing his microbiology research in China in the hope of using his knowledge to help his nation.

Aman, 35, has spent about seven years at the university’s school of life sciences, where he earned his doctoral degree in microbiology in 2019 and began his postdoctoral research in 2021.

Aman had the opportunity to study in China thanks to a cooperation project between a team led by his advisor Li Xiangkai and a research centre in Pakistan. He has been engaged in research related to the treatment of celiac disease over the past years.

Inspired by his advisor, he is isolating probiotic bacterial strains from Pakistani fermented food in his postdoctoral project, trying to use them in preventing the occurrences of celiac disease, an immune disorder triggered by gluten ingestion.

According to Aman, the disease is quite common in his country, as Pakistani people eat lots of food made of flour, which contains gluten. He hopes he could do something to help.

Aman said he was impressed by the advanced science and technology of Chinese research institutes.

“My research goes off without a hitch. My advisor gave me much support, helping me set up research objectives and providing lab facilities,” said Aman. “Also, my team members really enrich my life and bring me endless power.”

Aman also said he is well adapted to Lanzhou’s eating habits since the city is home to many Muslims.

“Lanzhou University has helped me plan my career as an independent scientist and a team leader,” said Aman. “I hope to work in China in the future, as it’s full of opportunities here.”


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