‘Usman Buzdar was asked to return official vehicles while still in office’

LAHORE: Former Punjab chief minister Sardar Usman Buzdar was requested by the government before he relinquished his seat to return the two official vehicles under his use.

Special Branch Punjab had written to Chief Minister Punjab Office to return their vehicles due to a shortage of vehicles in their office on April 16, 2022.

Given that the vehicles were directly under Buzdar’s use, the letter suggested that the Additional Inspector General Special Branch had requested the sitting CM of Punjab to return the vehicles under his use while he was still in office.

Buzdar resigned from office on March 28 and the governor of Punjab accepted his resignation on April 1, but under Article 133 of the Constitution of Pakistan, Buzdar was allowed to hold office till his successor came into power.

Hamza Shahbaz, however, was sworn in on April 30 and until then Buzdar was the provincial chief minister. However, on April 16, Hamza was declared the chief minister Punjab, after elections that still remain controversial and his oath was administered two weeks later.


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