Home-based women workers decry HomeNet Pakistan’s apathy in resolving their problems

KARACHI  – Home-based women workers in Orangi Town staged a novel protest and sat along roadside with their children and husbands.

Explaining their problems, they said that they do not get any kind of rights and do not have edibles at their homes even the situation of starvation has come. “No one is doing anything for our betterment. We are struggling with life,” they added.

The protesters said that social injustices have snatched the wish of living from them. “We do not get any kind of rights. The income sources which were available to us earlier now are not available. We are not finding any work to do at home and school fees of our children could not be paid because of poverty,” they maintained.

They said with tears that there is not anything available at their home to cook. “Men are also facing unemployment for a long time,” they added.

They said that facing humiliation at each step of life has become their destiny. “The performance of the government is zero for us. The role of HomeNet Pakistan is only for exhibition. Not any work has been done till now by HomeNet by which we have been directly facilitated. Officers of the  organization neither come nor ask about our wellbeing. We have been left alone,” they maintained.

They said that it is requested from HomeNet that the funds which are collected on their names that should be spent for their prosperity. “Solid government reforms are inevitable for making our lives better,” they added.

Later, nobles of the society made home- based women workers understand and sent them back at their homes.

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