Supreme Court urged to probe ‘threatening letter’ to government

ISLAMABAD: A barrister moved the Supreme Court to seek an inquiry into the threatening letter brandished by the prime minister during Sunday’s rally.

At the Islamabad public meeting, Imran Khan brandished the letter claiming it to be evidence of a foreign plot to topple his government.

Zulfiqar Bhutta requested the court to step in to reduce public anxiety over the matter. He pleaded with the court to issue directives for the authorities to hold a probe into the origins of the document.

“The gravity of the situation needs the attention of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take an immediate step[s] to find out the truth about [the] subject matter,” the petition read.

Earlier, Khan said the letter could not be shared publicly in view of the foreign policy, however, his government offered to share it with the chief justice.

The prime minister said the letter was received on March 7, just one day before the tabling of the no-trust move against him.

The federation through the Law and Justice Division secretary has been nominated as the respondent.


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