Ramiz Raja dissatisfied by PCB’s NHPC, may dismiss some coaches

As per sources, Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja is dissatisfied the board’s National High-Performance Centre (NHPC) and may restructure it by sacking several coaches and hiring new ones in their place on merit basis.

Sources further revealed that Raja had also sought ex-NHPC head Grant Bradburn’s resignation.

It is pertinent to note that earlier this year, the PCB announced the resignation of Bradburn by revealing that he had done so “to pursue further coaching opportunities”.

The former New Zealand cricketer, who was Pakistan’s national fielding coach from September 2018 to June 2020 and later promoted to the head of the NHPC, had stated that he had resigned to pursue other opportunities.

Bradburn stated that “My wife Maree and three children have also sacrificed a lot in allowing me to serve Pakistan cricket” while adding that  “COVID-19 regulations made it challenging for them to visit Pakistan and feel the warmth, love, and friendship this country offers. It is now time for me to prioritise family and move forward to the next coaching challenge”

It is pertinent to note that fielding coach Atiq-uz-Zaman is in Manchester with his family for the past two months while bowling coach Mohammad Zahid has resigned and left for England as well.


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